About Us

E-TRADING Ltd was established in 2014 in the city of Sofia. Ever since its establishment, the team of the company makes its best efforts to maintain a high level of the offered service, ensuring: 

  • maximum satisfaction of our clients – we continuously ask our clients about their opinion on whether they have received the goods bought within the set term terms, or whether they are consistent with their requirements;
  • variety of the offered goods and services – we believe that our clients must have the opportunity to choose the product that is most suitable for them out of the provided varied product ranges of quality goods; 
  • high quality of various portfolio product – we have established good commercial practices with carefully selected producers who provide us with high-quality products of any price class; 
  • incessant aspiration to improve the quality of the offered service – a team of motivated employees follows up the latest trends on the market and the means for providing the most exquisite product, of the best commercial type, within the shortest time, at the most accessible price. 



On 11 March E-TRADING OOD is established in the city of Sofia as a company distributing online high-quality Bulgarian probiotics and freeze dried yogurt starters for the making of various types of yogurt, kefir and other traditional lactic products in your home. Business relations are established with the online stores EBAY and AMAZON, which have provided us with access to the markets in more than 60 countries worldwide. 

The performed assessment shows that for only one year we have delivered to our clients more than 1,000 shipments and over 4,200 separate products.  

This has given us the confidence to create this online store, in which to offer an even greater variety of high quality products to our clients. 


In April our own online store yogurt.bg was released, with which we strive after reaching a greater number of clients from various countries. For the better presentation of the products a photo session with professional equipment was performed. 

New boxes with the logo of yogurt.bg are created specifically for a large part of the offered products, as thus we hope to stand out on the market with our uniqueness and nice merchantable appearance.

Jointly with our partners we work on the creation of our own brand of mould starters under the same brand yogurt.bg, that we will soon launch on the market. 

In a process of development is also a unique of its kind method for storage of the transported goods, which is to enhance the delivery of the goods in a better merchantable appearance and guaranteeing their characteristics.


The results that we have attained during this first year have made us even more ambitious to continue working for popularizing the nature-friendly products and style of living.To offer our clients both the traditional and well-known worldwide Bulgarian yogurt and the less famous, and yet, having unique properties lactic produce, such as kefir, fermented baked milk (ryazhenka), quark, sour cream, etc. 

Our objective is to continue extending the spectrum of the high-quality natural products that we offer.  

Also forthcoming is the release of new types of probiotic products, mould starters, etc. 

If we succeed to attract more people to our cause and if everyone could touch a tiny part of nature in our hectic everyday life......... that would be a success for us.  

The Team of YogurtBio.com