Lactoflor Enteric Ecol (10 Capsules)

Enteric Ecol helps to control acute diarrhea and colitis in adults and children. This product contains Saccharomyces boulardii – beneficial microorganisms which help to discontinue the symptoms of acute and chronic diarrhea.

Probiotic product – contains three strains of lactic acid bacteria, which restore the GI tract after diarrhea – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacteriumbifidum and Lactobacillus casei

Contains Saccharomyces boulardii – microorganisms which discontinue the symptoms of diarrhea.

Contains fibers (inulin) to promote good bacteria growth.

Suitable in combination with any antibiotic treatment.

In cases of Colon irritable and Cl defficile.

L.acidophilus: Is one of the most beneficial among Probiotics and exists naturally in every healthy digestive system. It promotes and maintains a healthy GI tract, thus stimulating food digestion and the absorption of useful food ingredients. L.acidiphilus takes part in the production of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which prevent the development of pathogens (like E.coli). L.acidiphilus reduces the symptoms of diarrhea in young children, especially after antibiotic treatment and help in cases of allergic reactions (rhinitis, skin irritation, etc).

Bifidobacterium: It naturally exists in every healthy digestive system.

Bifidobacteriumbifido: Maintains the microflora balance within the intestines, controls the increase of harmful bacteria, boosts the immune system, and aids in the digestive process.

Recommended Daily Allowance:

For adults and children over 6 years:  1-2 capsules Daily

The capsules are taken with a little liquid

For children under 6 years:  1 capsule Daily

The capsule is dissolved in some water or milk.

Not to exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Storage conditions:

Keep in a dry place with a temperature between 0‐25°C, inaccessible to small children.

After opening it's recommended to store the product in a refrigerator. 


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Lactoflor Enteric Ecol (10 Capsules)

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