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Have you ever thought about the effects from a chewing gum? Except from breath refreshment, cleaning teeth after a meal, getting rid of boredom or producing balloons for the kids, there is another benefit of the chewing gum. If you chew gum about 30 minutes after having a stable meal, the increased saliva flow can lead to a reduction of the stomach acids and balancing the gut flora. Still you have to stop chewing, when the taste of the gum is gone.


Despite the mentioned benefits from chewing a gum, damages from the same routine experience are a lot more. In this article, we will introduce you to these damages and give answer to why you should be careful with gums.





Chewing gums are actually made of rubber or to be more precise –of latex, ingredient added to substitute the initial chicle source, which became a deficit in time. Rubber allows the balloon effect of the gum and can be flavored in million different ways. Nearly 80 % of the content is composed of sweeteners.  


To experience it better, make the following experiment- take a pack of chewing gum and start reading the content.  For every unknown substance, chew a gum and see what will happen. The outcome is that you are unable to move your jaw and get paralyzed.  Now you can imagine how many harmful substances have entered your mouth and how challenging is that for your organism to process them.  


Many of these substances are allergens, colors, sweeteners etc. Because of the fact that they are slowly and hardly assimilated, they can bring about many health issues.  For example, sugar in gums increases the risk from caries, while some artificial sugars like aspartame and acesulfam threaten the proper functioning of blood vessel s or lead to stomach bloat or diarrhea. 




We often chew gum on an empty stomach, which gives it fake indications that food is about to enter and get processed afterwards.  Therefore the stomach produces digestive enzymes- unfortunately wasted. Few people know that the enzyme production process is subjected to amortization and we shouldn’t cause it for nothing.  Apart from that, stomach should rest between meals in order to renovate its enzyme reserves.  



Keeping the stomach busy with a gum won’t allow it to rest, which can lead to serious gastro-intestinal problems with time as well as higher risk from gastritis and ulcers.  This same “misleading” of the stomach makes us feel hungry. Research shows that continuous chewing a gum increases the volume of air, entering the stomach thus causing bloating.




We shouldn’t forget that chewing a gum on a business meeting or at an official event is considered for misdemeanor and leaves negative impression. But that’s much less dangerous than other consequences like inaflammation of the temporomandibular joint, overdeveloped muscles of mastication and  tooth enamel distruction. There is also risk even though pretty scarce from suffocation by swallowing a gum, occlusion of the esophagus – especially with small children.



After all the information provided probably anyone of you can make adequate conclusions about whether to chew a gum or how often to do it. But our purpose was not to tell you “Forget about chewing gums! Quit them forever!”  We know how convenient chewing may be to reduce stress or refresh our breath but in the end – it is not as simple as taking “chewing gum” from a baby. 


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