The immunity, not the panic

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Boost the immunity, not the panic

21st century 2020
World is so digitally advanced that technologies allow us to communicate between ourselves from one end of the Earth to the other.  
We “attend” events, execute payments and sign contracts while staying at home and all we need is a mobile phone or computer with access to internet. 
Even trips to the Moon are scheduled for the ones who can afford it. 

What else has the near future to offer? How did people fifty years ago visualize the advancement of today? They could hardly imagine that the most widely spread slogan of today will be “How to wash our hands properly?”-absurd but fact. Unfortunately, now our future depends not only on the technological development, but also on the elementary personal hygiene rules.  

Is there a cure against the COVID-19? Everybody everywhere asks the same question.
And the answer is simple- there is no such a medicine. All we can do to protect ourselves is show responsibility for us and for the others. How can we fight the disease? How to protect ourselves and our dearest ones?  To plead for personal hygiene and disinfection is a good thing, nevertheless it is not enough.  To take medicines for prevention is also not advisable. 

The only thing that could help to cope with the situation is to reduce the panic and increase our immunity.

It is a well-known fact that 80% of the immune cells in the human body are based in stomach. Therefore it is essential that we keep a healthy gut and good intestine flora. What if probiotics turn out to be our best friends and allies in that battle?  We know that good and bad bacteria live in balance in our organism and keeping the good bacteria will certainly help our immunity to defeat dangerous viruses. 
How to “fill” with probiotics? –the natural source, richest (and tastiest) in probiotics is the yogurt. 
But here we have to point out that we speak about homemade yogurt only, for the yogurt we buy from the shop is with an unknown content and rather unknown quality.

Homemade yogurt is easy to prepare at home. We offer several types of starter cultures that can please any taste. The only setback is that we not always have the time for preparation. 

Probiotics ready for consumption are the quickest solution - in capsules or chewing pills, traditional or vegan, they respond to consumers` tastes. 

So there customers, wash your hands regularly, be responsible for yourselves and your dearest ones, limit social contacts in public, reduce panic and boost your immunity!


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